Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A horse that isn't a horse -- of course

If you've ever wanted both a pony and a baby boy, then this is the post for you.

Mr. Cold Bug evacuated the premises in time for our little hero to actually get dressed up funny by Mommy and not have it seem weird.

That is to say, it's Halloween.

Quinn dressed up as horsey for his first Halloween. There was no trick-or-treating -- that was way past bedtime -- but he at least got to have fun in his horsey costume, which came thanks to Grandma Smith.

Here's a few pictures from our fun. And if you don't laugh at the video, there's something wrong with you.

So enjoy Quinn's sugar-free Halloween:

Monday, October 29, 2007

The Cap'n is sick

Our little man has been fighting Mr. Cold Bug for over a week now. He's got quite a swing when it comes to Mommy and the nose sucker. He is NO fan of that, and now he equates lying on the changing pad with getting his nose sucked out....poor guy.

At the same time our once voracious eater, now wants nothing to do with food in general. I used to think he was eating too much. What I wouldn't give to have my little hoover back. He also has decided that he can't get enough of Mommy and Daddy and will not take his nap unless we are holding him. While we love the cuddle time, the good Cap'n really isn't getting good sleep which leaves him a cranky mess!

Here's to hoping Mr. Cold Bug goes away and gives us back our generally happy, eating, sleeping on his own baby.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hot air, pumpkins and The Flash

It's been a while since we last wrote, but there's a simple reason for it. Just try keeping up with this little guy.

For the time being, the good Cap'n Quinn will be known simply as The Flash.

The name should be self-explanatory. At 11 months, our wee hero is lighting quick. Too quick some would say (with "some" meaning Mommy, Daddy and, particularly, Dexie the Wonderdog.)

You may look west at the setting sun, only to feel a breeze rushing past from the east. That breeze would be Quinn, making one of several desperate attempts to grab whatever may be in the dog's food dish.

But there's much more to report than just speed.

Grandma and Grandpa Siemers came to visit for a whole week. The Flash took them both to the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta twice. We saw lots of big balloons close-up, like Darth Vader, a big moo cow, and a pair of bees that rose into the air holding hands.

Then, Daddy took The Flash to a nearby pumpkin patch because Mommy wanted some pictures there. With the help of Grandma and Grandpa, we got a few nice photos.

Grandma and Grandpa may be on their way back to Minnesota now, but they didn't leave without teaching The Flash a few things. For starters, he can now clap his hands together.

He does that a lot these days. That is, when he's not breaking land-speed records.

Here's a bunch of pictures from an eventful few weeks: