Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Playmat Pooper

We at the west coast Siemers annex call it the playmat poop. What is this "playmat poop" you say? It seems whenever our little hero is feeling the need, he'll be on his playmat, throw his legs in the air and the grunts ensue.

He thinks he's fooling mommy & daddy, but the eau de poo poo that lingers in the air moments later doesn't fool anyone. It took us a few days to figure out this was Cap'n Quinn's new routine. Daddy realized it first, and then mommy started thinking herself...hmmmm...I think you're right daddy. As far as the basics of what baby does, pooping has never been one of Quinn's top three. It seems we are always trying to coax it out of him by trying a little juice here, a little karo syrup there. So it seems the karo and the playmat are Quinn's Metamucil.

So folks next time you just can't get it going, don't reach for the fiber, try laying on the floor and kicking your legs in the air.


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Squeak TV

Since we're on the subject of Quinn's singing (Please read Mommy's post below), here's a few YouTube clips of the wee Cap'n Quinn belting out his favorite song: "The Squeak Serenade."

Monday, February 19, 2007

Mommy's going to post one

Last week, our big boy turned the big 3 -- 3 months, that is. He is still fitting into his newborn outfit and we think he may get one more month out of it.

Our little man is changing everyday sometimes for the good and sometimes a little for the bad. Like waking up several times a night again, making Mommy and Daddy zombies. His newest thing is "singing" for us. It seems he has found his voice, and we think he will be the next American Idol Season 23. Think it will still be on??? He even woke up at 4:45 am, singing Monday morning. Hard to be mad when he's talking to himself and not crying himself awake.

Quinn loves to look at himself in the mirror and will spend a lot of his playtime talking to himself and making us laugh. He's making many changes and we are loving them all, even the getting up 20 times at night. We both know that someday we'll have to drag him out of bed, and no longer will he let us plant 20,000 smooches on his head.

Here are some more of Quinn's 3 month photo shoot and other pictures:

Saturday, February 10, 2007

`Valentimes Day'

Cap'n Quinn and Daddy today are on an mission: buy Mommy a Valentimes Day gift.

(We know it's actually Valentine's Day. Spelling it wrong just feels funny. Good funny.)

We're thinking something like ... a new car ... a sports franchise ... a record contract ... two weeks all expenses paid to Tahiti ... or something in the $30 range. Mommy's worth it all, plus what Daddy can afford. Quinn's been saving dimes, but I told him that's for college. He's got to save his dimes. Daddy'll float him a loan.

We've had a busy week. Quinn saw a surgeon, who said the thing he might have to have fixed might not have to be fixed, which is good since we really didn't want to have to fix it.

We've switched our little hero to a soy diet. He seems to eat it better and we get the bonus of having a baby that smells like "potato flakes," as Mommy says.

Grandma Smith arrives today for a few more days. Quinn likes hanging out with his Grammies. Plus, Grandma Smith said she'll watch the little dude while Daddy takes Mommy to see her favorite American Idol star -- the bald guy from last season -- on Valentimes Day.

It should be fun. Fun like eating potato flakes on Valentimes Day.

Since Daddy's been lax on the bloggin', here's a collection of pictures and a video to make up for lost time: