Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The White House

On the way home from shopping the other day, we approached the normal left turn into our apartment complex.

Cap'n Quinn knows the route. We've driven it almost daily for the past year as we returned to the two-bedroom cave we've called home.

From his perch in the backseat, Quinn made a request: "Can we go to the White House, Daddy?"

Before you get impressed about a two-year-old's political aspirations, the White House to which he referred is our recently purchased, four-bedroom home here in Oregon.

As Cap'n of the U.S.S. Fussy Britches, Quinn is a natural-born adventure-seeker. And the White House offers plenty of new territory for exploring. There's the candy drawer in the kitchen, the candy drawer next to Grandma's bed, and the candy stash in Grandma's purse. We have too much candy.

But we've also got a nice backyard and an inflatable pool, staples of summertime we've been sorely lacking.

Daddy's been happy to finally have a lawn to mow with his new electric push mower, and he's even happier to reunite with his big grill. Mommy is busy organizing all our stuff and picking out paint colors. Dexie has been tramping all over the garden and barking at the chicken in the yard behind us.

Maybe some day, we'll have chicken to cook on Daddy's big grill.

As exciting as the White House may be, the real excitement is a week away. The lil Skipper Keaton arrives to partner with the Cap'n on a whole new chapter of adventures. This blog will be changing, too, so stay tuned.