Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Daily Quinn? Since when

As the name implies, you must expect that this blog was "suppose" to be daily. Daily as in, everyday. Lord knows our little man does enough in a day to warrant a daily posting. However, it may not be things you'd want to know about specifically. Like, how many poopy diapers he miraculously makes on a daily basis. How many times he trashes the coffee table, daily. How much this little man detroys the living room with millions of toys, daily. You get the gist. It's not very exciting, and very repetitive, and sometimes yucky, ie: poopy diapers.

We figured rather you'd rather have a recap of some of his more memorable moments, and that seems to be what this blog has turned into.

Currently though, for those interested, Cap'n runny nose has a cold....AGAIN. He doesn't seem bothered much by it, except for when mommy comes at him with kleenex in hand to snuff the run-away boogies. And he also turns into a nap monster. "No naps for me mom! I can't seem to breath and suck the binky at the same time" Mommy has known for quite some time that Quinn sleeps like her....VERY lightly. I swear he can hear a pin drop on carpet. Which leaves mommy tip-toeing around just to keep him asleep.

Next week we make another trip to MN to spend Christmas with the Siemers clan. While we are busy preparing and wrapping presents, one thing doesn't escape our thoughts. Last time the Cap'n flew he was 5 months old and not too mobile. Fast forward 6 more months to a Houdini who doesn't like to be held much and wants down to explore. Hmmm. I think we're in for an interesting trip with plenty of snacks to keep him occupied. We may de-plane with a 30 lb baby after all the snacks we're going to feed him to keep him happy for 2 hrs.

We can't wait to get there and plunk him down in some snow. We'll open presents and eat a bunch I'm sure. Abby and Quinn can wreak havoc on Grandma's house and it will be great! I mean, great because we'll all be together.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Party guy

Daddy likes to say that it isn't really a party unless someone's got cake in their hair.

Mission accomplished.

Cap'n Quinn's first birthday bash was a smashing success. Daddy's work friends Mark, Maggie and Ollie came, so did Mommy's work friend Christine and her daughters. Uncle Dwight, Aunt Carmen and Cousin Axel came, too. Grandma and Grandpa Smith were there to spoil him. And though Grandma and Grandpa Siemers couldn't be there, they found their own ways to spoil him.

That's not even counting all of the great stuff he got from all the rest of his family.

It was a good time filled with toys, balloons, and lots of fun people to play with. And strawberry cake, the destruction of which forced Mommy to toss the good Cap'n in the bathtub several hours early.

Mommy plans a mean party. And Quinn, he was the life of it.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The big ONE and some cake

Today our fair Cap'n turned ONE! He's officially a biggy boy.

Mommy and Daddy gave him a cool toy with lots of beads and things to turn and push. Of course the box seems a lot more entertaining for some reason.

He and Mommy enjoyed his day by visiting the zoo. Mommy even caved in and bought him a "kitty" (Black spotted Jaguar) stuffed toy. She just couldn't say no to the grin he got when petting it.

Afterward we had a dinner of pizza and CAKE! Another first for our new biggy boy. He's an obvious pro when it comes to eating cake. He didn't even flinch, just picked up the hunk and proceeded to eat it. It was great fun for all of us. Even Dexie got some nuggets of cake.

Daddy even gave the good Cap'n something else for his birthday. A shiner. It really wasn't daddy's fault. He was being curious and slipped on the bathtub. But he's got a nice red and purple spot under his eye.

That might have been a problem yesterday. But not today.

Today he's a big boy.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

A rise and fall

It was inevitable, as our young hero rose to prominence on the eve of his first birthday, that he would one day land on his own two feet.

That day happened last week. The good Cap'n Quinn arose and stood for the first time.

It started in the bathroom. As Daddy filled the tub, the little man's curiosity brought him first to his knees, then to his feet so he could get a closer look at what Daddy was up to.

Later, in the living room, he was using Daddy as a jungle gym and pushed off his chest, rising to his feet. He grinned and chuckled, as if to say, "Look Mommy, no hands."

He was the conquering hero. But like in any epic tale, those who rise to the top inevitably fall.

For Quinn, it happened Thursday at a photo studio.

When he was smaller and less mobile, photographers at the same studio placed him on a stately leather chair for a photo. Quinn just sat there, immobile and smiling. Now, however, he doesn't care to sit still anywhere. This time, as soon as we sat him in the same chair he sprung himself out -- right on top of his head onto a hard tile floor.

Naturally, he screamed, though Daddy suspects it was more out of fright than pain. Mommy cried, too. Daddy shed no tears, but he thinks he may need open heart surgery now.

This tale, however, is no tragedy. The good Cap'n Quinn continues to conquer new heights. And Mommy and Daddy will be there to guide him -- and catch him when he falls.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A horse that isn't a horse -- of course

If you've ever wanted both a pony and a baby boy, then this is the post for you.

Mr. Cold Bug evacuated the premises in time for our little hero to actually get dressed up funny by Mommy and not have it seem weird.

That is to say, it's Halloween.

Quinn dressed up as horsey for his first Halloween. There was no trick-or-treating -- that was way past bedtime -- but he at least got to have fun in his horsey costume, which came thanks to Grandma Smith.

Here's a few pictures from our fun. And if you don't laugh at the video, there's something wrong with you.

So enjoy Quinn's sugar-free Halloween:

Monday, October 29, 2007

The Cap'n is sick

Our little man has been fighting Mr. Cold Bug for over a week now. He's got quite a swing when it comes to Mommy and the nose sucker. He is NO fan of that, and now he equates lying on the changing pad with getting his nose sucked out....poor guy.

At the same time our once voracious eater, now wants nothing to do with food in general. I used to think he was eating too much. What I wouldn't give to have my little hoover back. He also has decided that he can't get enough of Mommy and Daddy and will not take his nap unless we are holding him. While we love the cuddle time, the good Cap'n really isn't getting good sleep which leaves him a cranky mess!

Here's to hoping Mr. Cold Bug goes away and gives us back our generally happy, eating, sleeping on his own baby.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hot air, pumpkins and The Flash

It's been a while since we last wrote, but there's a simple reason for it. Just try keeping up with this little guy.

For the time being, the good Cap'n Quinn will be known simply as The Flash.

The name should be self-explanatory. At 11 months, our wee hero is lighting quick. Too quick some would say (with "some" meaning Mommy, Daddy and, particularly, Dexie the Wonderdog.)

You may look west at the setting sun, only to feel a breeze rushing past from the east. That breeze would be Quinn, making one of several desperate attempts to grab whatever may be in the dog's food dish.

But there's much more to report than just speed.

Grandma and Grandpa Siemers came to visit for a whole week. The Flash took them both to the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta twice. We saw lots of big balloons close-up, like Darth Vader, a big moo cow, and a pair of bees that rose into the air holding hands.

Then, Daddy took The Flash to a nearby pumpkin patch because Mommy wanted some pictures there. With the help of Grandma and Grandpa, we got a few nice photos.

Grandma and Grandpa may be on their way back to Minnesota now, but they didn't leave without teaching The Flash a few things. For starters, he can now clap his hands together.

He does that a lot these days. That is, when he's not breaking land-speed records.

Here's a bunch of pictures from an eventful few weeks:

Friday, September 28, 2007


... watch that baby crawling. Rawhide!!!!!

Know what song I'm talking about? Quinn has now fulfilled Daddy's dream and is a crawling MANIAC! From scooting around in his own "Quinn crawl" to a full-out crawl on hands and knees in days.....days!

How do they learn this? Mommy was not too concerned that the good Cap'n had not mastered this yet. We were fine in our little "non-motivated" world. Now it's all topsy-turvy at Casa Siemers. Mommy actually has to watch the little one because he moves!

He has gotten a nice hand-wash in the dog bowl. I'm sure Dexie may have some competition when it comes to eating her food now too. Dog toys are no longer safe where they lay. Mommy's garbage-ridden coffee table will have to be "baby-proofed" and the slate wiped clean. Why DO they want everything they shouldn't have, with a host full of toys at their fingertips? No, Cap'n Quinn has to have that nail polish that Mommy forgot was under the table, or the plethora of papers to be found stuffed in every cubby hole. Mommy will soon realize just how much "stuff" she has.

Quinn is also getting more teeth! 5 going on 6 is the last count. I'm sure we'll miss one here or there. It's not easy to get an almost 11-month old to open up and say "ahhh!"

Since we've been slow on the blogging these days, here's a few videos to make up for it:

Saturday, September 22, 2007

The ham that eats eggs

It's been a while since Daddy posted anything here, so we're sorry about that. I suppose "The Daily Quinn" is just a name after all.

But we've been up to a lot. This week Mommy and Daddy took the good Cap'n Quinn to the New Mexico State Fair. He helped finish off an Indian Taco, which is fry bread topped with beans, beef, lettuce, tomato, cheese and red chili.

Our wee little hero ate the beans (beans, the musical fruit, the more you eat, the more you ... toot.) He also went face to face with a giant pig. Much like everyone else, the pig was charmed by the encounter.

Daddy's still busy hunting for jobs, but he doesn't seem as freaked out as he did a few weeks ago. And Quinn was very sad to hear that Grandma Siemers wasn't feeling good last week, but he's relieved to know that she's doing better. Hopefully, if she feels OK, she'll come visit and watch all the hot air balloons that Daddy points out when we're out walking Dexie.

Quinn's new teeth -- he has four n
ow -- have helped him munch on bigger foods. He's eaten a hot dog; a whole piece of pizza; a breakfast of eggs, potatoes and toast; and several bananas (which, for now, will be referred to only as nanners. For no particular reason). He doesn't care for grilled chicken, ground turkey patties or mushy carrots. We suppose the texture bugs him -- or he has a thing against fowl.

And as you can see in the picture above, he's still Mommy's favorite model. He may look good in this stylish hat, but it isn't likely to stay on long. Socks and shoes share the same fate on our little man.

That's OK, though. What he lacks in accessories, he makes up for in charm.

Friday, September 07, 2007

A message to Grandpa Siemers

(Quinn is at daycare today, playing with Miss Beth. But before he left, he translated this message especially for Grandpa Siemers.)

Dear Grandpa,

Mommy and Daddy told me that today is your birthday. Daddy said Grandma Siemers actually told him, because he can't remember anything.

Anyway, I wanted to wish you a happy birthday. I don't know how old you are, but you don't seem very old. And Daddy says you guys like to go out and have a lot of fun.

Maybe soon you can come and visit me. I can't wait to play with you guys again.

I can do a lot more now. I'm trying to crawl, but I think my legs are too long and keep getting in the way. I'm trying real hard, though. I just can't stand sitting still. Though I do like it when my doggie, Dexie, licks me in the face when I'm sitting. I try to grab her fur, but Daddy tells me to be gentle. Dexie doesn't seem to mind. She's my buddy.

I'm getting lots more hair. Daddy says he thinks it came in overnight. Maybe there's a hair fairy? Mommy likes to put it into a mohawk, giving me the punk-rocker look my cousin Axel used to have. I don't mind as long as Mommy has fun. And I wouldn't mind looking like Axel. He's pretty cool and he lets me play with his toys.

Daddy is looking for a job. And now he's stuck home this week feeling sicky. He keeps saying something about "locusts" coming next or that "the sky is falling," but I don't understand what he means. I just try to play with him and keep him happy.

Well, Grandpa, I hope you have a great birthday. Daddy told me to tell you that if you go out for dinner, make sure to check for meat in the burger first. And don't forget the pie. Something like that.

I can't wait to see you and I love you.

Your grandson,

Quinn (as translated by Daddy)

Thursday, August 30, 2007

New Teeth and New Tricks

This week the wee Cap'n is working on some new teeth and has perfected a new trick with Grandpa Smith -- waving.

The not-so-little man began waving a few weeks ago, but only to himself. Now it seems he's gotten the hang of waving "bye, bye" to us. Actually it seems he waves to everything now, the dog, the toys, strange-but-nice ladies at the supermarket. I've yet to get this on video. He's got the hang of ignoring Mommy when the camera is in hand.

On to the teeth. One top front tooth has poked it's little head through and the second is to follow shortly. Quinn has been running a fever with the little buggers, but he's still a happy guy.

Grandma & Grandpa Smith made a trip to visit everybody. Grandma, as usual, tried to feed Quinn everything! He had his first popsicle, courtesy of Grandma. He enjoyed them immensely and I think the same can be said for them.

Quinn has also started to sit up in his crib on his own. He's pretty stealthy at it, I've yet to catch him doing it, but mama always has to go and lay him down again. I hear standing is the next phase. So not looking forward to that.

While Daddy had some bad news at work, our wee little hero has a way of making him smile when he gets home.

Good thing he's got some new teeth to show off.

Mommy had some more fun with her camera, orchestrating a photo shoot while Cap'n Quinn dined on a teething biscuit. Here are some of the results, as well as a couple other pictures: