Sunday, March 30, 2008

On the go

Daddy's taking a road trip for a while. And while he'll be back soon, he wanted to show Quinn's fan club some of his greatest hits from the past few weeks. Here are three videos to enjoy:

In this one, the Good Cap'n Quinn prances around with our good friend Signe, whose mommy, Maggie, worked with Daddy at the Albuquerque Tribune.

Here Quinn tells us who is on his t-shirt. He and Elmo are good buddies.

Finally, Quinn hunts for Easter eggs with his cousin Axel at the home of Uncle Dwight and Aunt Carmen. Quinn enjoyed taking the eggs out of the basket more than putting them in.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Who Says the Easter Bunny is harmless?

Mommy decided that Quinn needed a picture with the Easter Bunny this year. Little did she know just the fiasco it would turn out to be. Even though the Easter Bunny was as cute and cuddly looking as he could be, he sure didn't fool Quinn, who upon seeing said Easter Bunny began reaching the other way and screaming for help. Daddy seems to think his frantic cries for help were warranted; he thinks the bunny was creepy looking. Mommy still thinks he was cute and was trying to preserve what memory she could, frantic look and all.

Let's hope he still leaves us an Easter basket after the visit we had today.

Just for fun, here's a happier picture:

Friday, March 07, 2008

Perfecting the swing

It's baseball season and one day Cap'n Quinn will learn the importance of every thing happening in Fort Myers, Fla., or wherever the Minnesota Twins will hold Spring Training in the future.

He's young, though, and maybe he'll have a sweet swing of his own. Daddy, as you can see in the video below, is trying to start him early. Quinn already has a good arm, though he hasn't yet decided if he's a lefty or righty. His curveball is unhittable, though mostly because he throws it behind his back.

While he may not have perfected his swing, he's doing a fine job mastering the English language. As you can see in this video below, our little hero has an ever-expanding vocabulary. Before long he'll be doing his own blogging.