Thursday, December 25, 2008

Santa came, but what about the cookies?

Quinn laid his head to rest on Christmas Eve at ease, knowing Santa would come and deliver presents. Of course he would. Quinn's been a good boy this year.

He did, however, go to bed worried about the cookies.

Quinn is still learning Christmas tradition. We explained to him that Santa has a lot of flying to do. The world's a big place. A fat guy with a fleet of flying mammals is bound to get hungry, so we leave him cookies and milk. (Quinn also doesn't understand general nutrition, which makes this story plausible.)

Cookies, however, are like rare currency in this house, and giving them away to some stranger in a red suit -- presents or not -- wasn't going over well.

But once he woke up and and saw how Santa filled his stocking and left a pile of presents under the tree, all was forgiven.

Quinn came away with a bounty: a new tricycle, a talking Elmo toy, lots of good DVDs and Hot Wheels cars, and a race car track. That's just the short list, and the list of thank-yous is even longer. Even Dexie came away happy, though her new chew toy has been largely obliterated.

Since we spent Christmas without our extended families this year, we shot a few videos of Quinn's Christmas excitement. Thanks, and enjoy.

Monday, December 08, 2008

The days before Christmas

Thanksgiving here in Oregon was mostly uneventful. But the days after have been busy.

We've picked out our Christmas tree, watched as Portland lit its own big tree Downtown, and started getting ready for the holidays.

Here's a few pictures to show what we've been up to.