Thursday, August 30, 2007

New Teeth and New Tricks

This week the wee Cap'n is working on some new teeth and has perfected a new trick with Grandpa Smith -- waving.

The not-so-little man began waving a few weeks ago, but only to himself. Now it seems he's gotten the hang of waving "bye, bye" to us. Actually it seems he waves to everything now, the dog, the toys, strange-but-nice ladies at the supermarket. I've yet to get this on video. He's got the hang of ignoring Mommy when the camera is in hand.

On to the teeth. One top front tooth has poked it's little head through and the second is to follow shortly. Quinn has been running a fever with the little buggers, but he's still a happy guy.

Grandma & Grandpa Smith made a trip to visit everybody. Grandma, as usual, tried to feed Quinn everything! He had his first popsicle, courtesy of Grandma. He enjoyed them immensely and I think the same can be said for them.

Quinn has also started to sit up in his crib on his own. He's pretty stealthy at it, I've yet to catch him doing it, but mama always has to go and lay him down again. I hear standing is the next phase. So not looking forward to that.

While Daddy had some bad news at work, our wee little hero has a way of making him smile when he gets home.

Good thing he's got some new teeth to show off.

Mommy had some more fun with her camera, orchestrating a photo shoot while Cap'n Quinn dined on a teething biscuit. Here are some of the results, as well as a couple other pictures:

Monday, August 20, 2007

Sad Mommy

Never thought I would be sad that the good baby Quinn can put himself to sleep now. The dreaded half hour rock a bye baby routine was tiring, as our little man isn't the slightest of babies. I wished for the day I could just lay him down and walk out of his room. "night night baby" Now that the day has come, I'm torn up about it. My little man no longer wants his momma to hold him and sing to him, not even for a minute. I try, I try my hardest, but he just writhes around until mommy or daddy lays him down and says, "night night baby". What will I do when he no longer wants smooches? I think I will have to stay in bed that day. Someone told me that won't happen until he's about 18, we'll see.

Daddy went today to finally have his boo-boo looked at. The "dr", I'm quite suspect he was a doctor, gave him a big space boot to wear. Someone wasn't too happy about that, and he whined all afternoon about it.

It seems mommy and daddy both have something to whine about today.

Quinn is also getting his 2 front teeth, maybe they will be here by Christmas. They are making their way, and he's not too happy about it sometimes, but that's what drugs are for, right?

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A tumble and a fall

Not that this is news or anything, but Daddy's a klutz.

As he and Quinn walked down the stairs Saturday morning, Daddy stepped wrong and made big ouchies on his ankle and shin. The good Cap'n Quinn bumped his head on the wall in the process, but he was more freaked out by Daddy's girlish screaming.

Thankfully Mommy came down stairs to see what was wrong. Daddy was too out of breath from panicking to explain, but it was probably pretty self-explanatory.

Our little hero came out unscathed. Daddy's been limping and complaining ever since (though nothing appears broken besides his pride).

It just goes to show that little fellas are less breakable than Daddies.

Meanwhile, Cap'n Quinn is expecting another visit next week from Grandma and Grandpa Smith, all the way from Pennsylvania. He'll have lots of new tricks to show off, like how he can almost stand up on his own.

Soon, he'll be good enough to teach Daddy how to do the same.

Here's a few pictures from the week, including Daddy's war wound:

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Mr. Photogenic

Mommy got a new camera, which means a certain little someone had to pose for a lot of pictures over the past week.

No, not Daddy. Nobody wants to see his balding pate.

Cap'n Quinn has been something of a model this week as Mommy got the kinks worked out of her new gadget. And he does it well, as you can see from the gazillion photos down below.

Quinn does something else well now, too: fall asleep on his own. For this we thank our new favorite daycare provider, the wondrous Miss Beth. She has proven to Mommy and Daddy that it is not necessary to rock and bounce and sing (and bore) our wee little hero to sleep. He does it just fine on his own, and with the help of a plastic aquarium that plays lullabyes.

And the help of a few baby blankets.

OK, basically anything but us.

But that's fine, because we'd rather it be a hands-off operation. That way we can eat dessert, kick up our feet, type a blog, etc.

Quinn also got to experience his second different babysitter last night as Mommy and Daddy went out to the movies. He was fussy and sad and cried as we left, which is no fault of the babysitters (she did great). Still, Mommy and Daddy kept looking at their phones during the movie to see if there were any messages.

In the end, we got through the evening. And today, Quinn woke up to pose for more pictures:

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The dude with attitude

First off, the good news.

The good Cap'n Quinn's ear tube procedure went swimmingly. In, out, a few screams, in the car and home -- all within two hours (about 10 minutes of which was the actual procedure).

Now, the not-quite-bad-but-not-quite-good news.

The little dude is coppin' an attitude.

Our little hero, it seems, has become defiant when it comes to eating veggies. After each spoonful he sputters his lips in displeasure, spreading veggie shrapnel all over himself, his high-chair, and Mommy and Daddy.

He's been a generally unpleasant little fella most evenings (and some days.) Perhaps he's just testing Mommy and Daddy's limits, forcing us to teach him the meaning of the word 'no.' Or maybe Mommy and Daddy are going through the growing pains with the little fella.

Ultimately, we're going to see that nobody wins in this battle. Because we're all on the same side.

Except, of course, for the veggies. I've tasted them. I gotta say, Daddy's on Quinn's side on that one.

Here's a couple more pictures. Quinn, as you can see, prefers feet over veggies. (Yeah, they're that bad):