Tuesday, January 15, 2008

One small step

You have to admire the giraffe.

They're tall, awkward, lanky creatures. Yet within moments of leaving their mother's womb, they're walking on shaky legs.

Sure, such a quick development is a means of surviving in the African wilds. But they make it look so easy.

Cap'n Quinn is many things, but a giraffe isn't one of them. While the little man is making strides on two feet, they're -- as the saying goes -- baby steps. It's a new challenge, and one he's taking on with modest enthusiasm.

As Grandma Siemers says, why move on two feet when you're faster on all fours?

Despite that sound logic, Quinn is making an effort in the mobility category. Mommy and Daddy have been encouraging him to push his fleet of plastic wheeled vehicles around the living room on two feet. He takes about five steps before losing interest, plopping on his diaper-cushioned rear and zooming away on his hands and knees.

He loves to walk, but only for as long as his arms are attached to something, such as the coffee table, Daddy's rocking chair, or Dexie's fur. The second he lets go, the butt hits the floor.

That's OK. There's no hurry here in our suburban jungle.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Our little snowman

We're a little behind the game here, but Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everybody.

The good Cap'n Quinn had a great time up at Grandma and Grandpa Siemers' house in Minnesota. We played in the snow, met a cat and two kittens all named Darryl and spent time with all of our Minnesota family.

Santa came to Grandma and Grandpa's house, too. Quinn and Cousin Abby left out some milk and cookies, along with a note explaining why Santa needed a quick dairy and sugar fix to keep him going through the night. Dexie the Wonderdog stayed behind in New Mexico, though there is some evidence that she may have been helping Santa's sleigh. She admits nothing.

Grandma and Grandpa's neighbors have a barn cat named Darryl that likes to show up at Grandpa's window several times a day knowing Grandpa will give him milk. Quinn liked to lean against the window and talk to the kitty. He can even say 'kitty' now. One morning, Darryl brought his whole family -- two kittens also named Darryl. They sat outside the window all morning waiting for the buffet to open. Unfortunately for them, Grandpa's restaurant was closed that day.

The good Cap'n Quinn was spoiled heavily, and he got a lot of presents. He was more interested in the Christmas bows and paper, though. We did get to go play in the snow, and Daddy took Quinn for a very slow ride on a sled outside. Grandpa then took Quinn for a ride on his John Deere tractor, which doubles as a snowplow in the winter.

Finally, before we came home, Quinn got to meet his Auntie Tory for the first time. She was impressed, just like everybody else, when Quinn was able to tell her how old he is. He holds up his finger and makes a number one.

The flight to Minnesota worked out nicely. Quinn told everybody on the plane his age, and he waved and smiled and flirted at everybody on board. The trip home wasn't as easy. The flight didn't take off until well after his bed time, but once we got past the air pressure's effect on his ears, Quinn fell asleep and slept until the plane landed.

He was a good boy, which is to be expected. And now, here on New Year's Day, we're looking forward to reporting more new and exciting developments into 2008.

Cousin Abby and Mommy share a birthday.

Quinn is fascinated by Grandpa's Christmas tree.

Daddy, Cousins Abby and Ashley, and Quinn write a Christmas Eve note for Santa.

Quinn's favorite part of opening presents.

Quinn hangs out with Auntie Tara.

Quinn having a talk with his Grandpa Siemers.

Telling Uncle Ken a story.

On his favorite lounge chair.

Playing with Daddy in the snow.

A couple of snow bunnies.

Riding with Grandpa on the tractor.