Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Daily Quinn? Since when

As the name implies, you must expect that this blog was "suppose" to be daily. Daily as in, everyday. Lord knows our little man does enough in a day to warrant a daily posting. However, it may not be things you'd want to know about specifically. Like, how many poopy diapers he miraculously makes on a daily basis. How many times he trashes the coffee table, daily. How much this little man detroys the living room with millions of toys, daily. You get the gist. It's not very exciting, and very repetitive, and sometimes yucky, ie: poopy diapers.

We figured rather you'd rather have a recap of some of his more memorable moments, and that seems to be what this blog has turned into.

Currently though, for those interested, Cap'n runny nose has a cold....AGAIN. He doesn't seem bothered much by it, except for when mommy comes at him with kleenex in hand to snuff the run-away boogies. And he also turns into a nap monster. "No naps for me mom! I can't seem to breath and suck the binky at the same time" Mommy has known for quite some time that Quinn sleeps like her....VERY lightly. I swear he can hear a pin drop on carpet. Which leaves mommy tip-toeing around just to keep him asleep.

Next week we make another trip to MN to spend Christmas with the Siemers clan. While we are busy preparing and wrapping presents, one thing doesn't escape our thoughts. Last time the Cap'n flew he was 5 months old and not too mobile. Fast forward 6 more months to a Houdini who doesn't like to be held much and wants down to explore. Hmmm. I think we're in for an interesting trip with plenty of snacks to keep him occupied. We may de-plane with a 30 lb baby after all the snacks we're going to feed him to keep him happy for 2 hrs.

We can't wait to get there and plunk him down in some snow. We'll open presents and eat a bunch I'm sure. Abby and Quinn can wreak havoc on Grandma's house and it will be great! I mean, great because we'll all be together.