Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It didn't seem that long ago ...

Around this time of the year, expect to hear us say this a lot:

It didn't seem that long ago ...

As in, it didn't seem that long ago that Daddy stayed up all night with a curious newborn boy, fighting sleep because he was too afraid to doze off and roll over on him.

As in, it didn't seem that long ago that the little fella first filled our house with big cries and big smiles, big smells and big thrills.

As in, it didn't seem that long ago that this wonderful little boy started to grow up, to learn words, to throw balls, to walk, to ....

You get the picture.

Quinn turned two on Friday, and he's now a bonafide little boy, full of little boy mischief and little boy charm. He celebrated his second big day in customary style, a two-day celebration featuring big spoonfuls of ice cream, pizza, Elmo cupcakes, a roomful of balloons, a gigantic jungle gym, a whole bunch of friends and a brand new wooden choo-choo train.

"Chugga chugga!," he likes to growl.

Some day soon, we'll look back to now and reminisce. We'll talk about how Quinn repeats everything we say, including the words he shouldn't. We'll look at the picture of him in his new Minnesota Twins cap, and recall how he preferred to wear it over his eyes, as if seeing wasn't that big of a deal. And we'll watch the videos of him entertaining himself just by climbing up one side of the bed and climbing down the other.

And we'll say, it didn't seem that long ago ...

Sunday, November 09, 2008

A New Trick and the Diva

Quinn has found much happiness in the form of mom and dad's bed. He scales the side like a professional rock-climber using the comforter as a grip until he lands on the top. Proclaiming a squeal of delight at his fortune, he then proceeds to slide off the other side or the foot of the bed, whichever strikes his fancy at the moment. With a ready-set-go and a cautionary "careful" he slinks to the floor and starts all over again. He really could do this all day I think. Here's the proof...

And the diva well, here's the proof in that as well.

In mommy's defense she DID NOT do that to her little boy. He did it himself..well maybe I helped a little.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Quinn invites you over for dinner


The almost birthday boy got an early birthday present from Grandma Smith in the form of his very own table and chairs. I think Thanksgiving turkey dinner will be great spent around the colorful table this year. He's been spending alot of time sitting at it coloring, and putting his new dinosaur (a-saur) puzzle together. He now eats dinner sitting at his new table and eats much better! Of course he has to be watching Elmo, Cars (courtesy of cousin Abby, Aunt Tara & Uncle Hal) or one of the many other videos we have now accumulated. Who doesn't like to eat and watch TV?

Mommy also got a new camera which she has been trying out and trying to learn. Might help if she actually read the manual for it. She hopes this camera is quick enough to catch the Tasmanian devil in all of his various acts throughout the day, so maybe we can keep up with this blog.

We leave you with pictures taken with the new camera. Enjoy!