Monday, May 28, 2007

The boss man

It was hot out there with our shovel and rake, sweat pouring down our brows from the afternoon sear and the hard labor.

The foreman sat there in the shade, hunkered in his seat like a wayward drunk. He didn't speak. He made just a single noise to say what he thought of our work.

He stuck out his tongue, and made a farty noise.

"How we doin' boss?"

*farty noise*

"That good eh?"

*drooly farty noise*

He drives us hard, that wee Cap'n Quinn. Our little hero sat in the shade of the garage while Mommy and Daddy began reworking the landscape in our front yard today. So far it's a mess, and will likely stay a mess until Mommy and Daddy figure out exactly what they're doing, which may take a while. You should see the back yard; one big sandbox.

"Wanna take a break boss?"

*farty noise*

Once Mommy and Daddy were done starting their mess, the three of us went down to Balloon Fiesta Park to check out a wine festival. Mommy and Daddy sampled several nice, local wines while Cap'n Quinn got checked out by the ladies.

"Oohh, that baby's so cute. You're such a handsome little man."

*farty noise*

This one we'll call, "Mommy's new contraption":

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