Monday, November 19, 2007

Party guy

Daddy likes to say that it isn't really a party unless someone's got cake in their hair.

Mission accomplished.

Cap'n Quinn's first birthday bash was a smashing success. Daddy's work friends Mark, Maggie and Ollie came, so did Mommy's work friend Christine and her daughters. Uncle Dwight, Aunt Carmen and Cousin Axel came, too. Grandma and Grandpa Smith were there to spoil him. And though Grandma and Grandpa Siemers couldn't be there, they found their own ways to spoil him.

That's not even counting all of the great stuff he got from all the rest of his family.

It was a good time filled with toys, balloons, and lots of fun people to play with. And strawberry cake, the destruction of which forced Mommy to toss the good Cap'n in the bathtub several hours early.

Mommy plans a mean party. And Quinn, he was the life of it.

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