Tuesday, January 15, 2008

One small step

You have to admire the giraffe.

They're tall, awkward, lanky creatures. Yet within moments of leaving their mother's womb, they're walking on shaky legs.

Sure, such a quick development is a means of surviving in the African wilds. But they make it look so easy.

Cap'n Quinn is many things, but a giraffe isn't one of them. While the little man is making strides on two feet, they're -- as the saying goes -- baby steps. It's a new challenge, and one he's taking on with modest enthusiasm.

As Grandma Siemers says, why move on two feet when you're faster on all fours?

Despite that sound logic, Quinn is making an effort in the mobility category. Mommy and Daddy have been encouraging him to push his fleet of plastic wheeled vehicles around the living room on two feet. He takes about five steps before losing interest, plopping on his diaper-cushioned rear and zooming away on his hands and knees.

He loves to walk, but only for as long as his arms are attached to something, such as the coffee table, Daddy's rocking chair, or Dexie's fur. The second he lets go, the butt hits the floor.

That's OK. There's no hurry here in our suburban jungle.

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Mandy said...

Katie isn't walking either. She loves to walk while holding onto our hands, but needs both of them. If you try to let go with one she plops right down on her butt. She does the same thing w/ her push toys too. 4 of 5 steps and she's crawling off in the other direction for something that caught her attention. Silly kids...