Thursday, March 13, 2008

Who Says the Easter Bunny is harmless?

Mommy decided that Quinn needed a picture with the Easter Bunny this year. Little did she know just the fiasco it would turn out to be. Even though the Easter Bunny was as cute and cuddly looking as he could be, he sure didn't fool Quinn, who upon seeing said Easter Bunny began reaching the other way and screaming for help. Daddy seems to think his frantic cries for help were warranted; he thinks the bunny was creepy looking. Mommy still thinks he was cute and was trying to preserve what memory she could, frantic look and all.

Let's hope he still leaves us an Easter basket after the visit we had today.

Just for fun, here's a happier picture:

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jim said...

Erik -- I screamed and cried as loud as I could when I was first placed on Santa's lap. My mother loves to revisit that story now. I'm certain she didn't enjoy it at the time.