Thursday, June 26, 2008

Everything's rosy (almost)

There's a sweet scent in the air. Can you smell it? It's like progress mixed with relief mixed with warm cookies.

There's a strong chance that our house in Albuquerque might soon have a "sold" sign out front. That, my friends, makes this the scent of a burden being lifted. Or almost lifted. Let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Speaking of sweet scents, the good Cap'n Quinn found his nose immersed in rose petals last weekend. Mommy wanted to see Portland's famous rose garden. It was a beautiful day, there was a wedding in progress, and Quinn just wanted to run and play in a fountain. Which meant that within a few minutes it was still a beautiful day, there was still a wedding in progress, and there was one little man throwing a temper tantrum.

He's been throwing those tantrums a lot these days.

"Snack?", he'll ask, 15 seconds after not eating his dinner.

"No son, you don't need a snack," Daddy says, to which Quinn falls on the floor, flails his legs, buries his head into the carpet, rolls around, and utters a sound that seems to combine a whimper, a whine and a valkyrie.

We're thinking of nominating him for an Academy Award.

Speaking of dramatic acts, there's a good chance Quinn might have a future as a daredevil. He's taken a liking to jumping off of high places lately. For example, a little Winnie the Pooh truck he received as a birthday present is supposed to be something to ride on. But he found a way to use it as a diving board, discovering new thrills each time he launched himself off the seat and onto the floor.

That was, until he landed awkwardly on his arm. We thought maybe we would need a trip to the emergency room -- for two. Quinn for his arm, Daddy for a heart attack.

That would have smelled like bad.

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Plant Girl said...

Kate is the queen of dramatic temper tantrums and death defying feats lately too. I go from being incredibly frustrated to having my heart drop into my stomach. ALL. DAY. LONG.

I can't wait until they get past this stage.

On a side note -- there's this company here in town called "Siems Enterprises". I always think of you guys when I drive by there.