Saturday, July 26, 2008

He's got the moves

Here's something Quinn gets from his Mommy: The kid can dance.

There's rhythm in those little legs. Shimmy in those little hips. No matter the song, he'll start wiggling, shifting his arms left and right, bouncing up and down -- all in rhythm, all in sync.

Each morning, Mommy has the TV tuned to the local PBS channel. The moment the theme song to one show comes on -- a tune that goes something like, "It' s a big world .. it's a big, big world." -- our little Astaire drops everything and starts to boogie.

To him, it's not really a dance unless his elbows start swinging up to his ears. Otherwise, it's just a bounce.

His brain is already attuned to music. Often, Mommy and Daddy will sit near the computer, listening to snippets of the new music out that week on iTunes. Quinn joins us, bopping his head in rhythm while reading a book before bedtime.

This leads me to wonder something: In that picture above, is he calling an agent?

Munching on a corndog at Portland's Riverfront Blues Festival.

Enjoying his first fireworks show at Portland's Riverfront Park.

Petting a goat with Mommy at the Oregon Zoo.

Quinn is enjoying the polar bear. Daddy's giving a creepy smile.

Quinn and Daddy drive the vintage Range Rover at the Oregon Zoo.

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