Monday, November 03, 2008

Quinn invites you over for dinner


The almost birthday boy got an early birthday present from Grandma Smith in the form of his very own table and chairs. I think Thanksgiving turkey dinner will be great spent around the colorful table this year. He's been spending alot of time sitting at it coloring, and putting his new dinosaur (a-saur) puzzle together. He now eats dinner sitting at his new table and eats much better! Of course he has to be watching Elmo, Cars (courtesy of cousin Abby, Aunt Tara & Uncle Hal) or one of the many other videos we have now accumulated. Who doesn't like to eat and watch TV?

Mommy also got a new camera which she has been trying out and trying to learn. Might help if she actually read the manual for it. She hopes this camera is quick enough to catch the Tasmanian devil in all of his various acts throughout the day, so maybe we can keep up with this blog.

We leave you with pictures taken with the new camera. Enjoy!

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