Thursday, March 26, 2009

A man of many words

The other day, while driving his car, Daddy opened a can of Altoids. Every now and then, Daddy needs to tend to his breath. He took two.

Quinn, sitting the in his car seat, became curious.

"What eatin' Daddy?"

"Nothing," Daddy replied.

A few days later, after a dinner out, Daddy is again sitting in the front seat. He pops open one of the after-dinner mints the waitress left on the table.

Quinn, again in the back seat, got a scent.

"What eatin' Daddy?"

"Nothing," Daddy replied.

"I smell candy," Quinn said.

It became apparent at that moment, that Quinn, he of diminutive stature but rapidly maturing mind, had developed a Spidey Sense.

Suddenly, his nose has become a powerful tool with the power to sense anything sweet the second it hits the open air. That, and he's just learned a lot more words.

Ask him what a parrot says: "Polly want a cracker!"

What's Daddy's favorite movie?: "James! Bond!"

Who's the big brown elephant-like creature on Sesame Street: "Snuffyuckabus."

Even his greetings are getting, for lack of a better phrase, more grown up.

Mommy and Daddy were standing in the kitchen this evening and in walks Quinn.

"Hey guys. What doin'?"

Hey guys? Where did that come from? We cease to wonder.

Next year, he'll be doing our taxes and babysitting his brother.

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