Sunday, January 14, 2007

Happy Two-Monthday!

It's our wee little man's two month birthday today. Not that we'll get in the habit of celebrating all these increments, but this one is particularily noteworthy for several reasons.

For starters, the dude's getting huge. Just look at the pictures to the right, a comparison of him on his first month birthday and from this morning.

Tired of getting kicked around at the beach? Want to be a lean, mean muscle machine? Then we've got the diet for you. Try lactose-free infant formula, 4.5 ozs. every three hours. Look what it did for Quinn! He can lift his own head AND!!! flip himself around onto his stomach. Nobody's kicking sand in his face!

Yes, the good captain now looks big enough to lead a gang of street thugs. Or at least play one in West Side Story or Grease or The Outsiders. You get the point (Star Quality!!).

Along with his growing girth, Capt. Quinn has reached some other milestones. On Saturday, during Tummy Time© -- You remember Tummy Time©, right? -- Quinn, while remarkably fussy, was able to turn himself over from his stomach to his back. It was an amazing feat of strength, on par with lifting the Empire State Building or Daddy hoisting all the grocery bags from the car in only one trip. On varying degrees of scale, naturally.

Our little hero is also learning the fine art of slumber. After taking a long, luxurious nap -- You remember the long, luxurious nap, right? -- Quinn played a while before going back to bed at 9 p.m. He didn't wake until ... wait for it ... 4 a.m.! (This is where you hear the chorus of angels ringing down from Heaven. -- You remember the chorus of angels... oh forget it.) This is the little dude's longest one-time increment of sleep since his arrival two months ago today. Here's to hoping it wasn't a fluke.

Today we're off to the aquarium with Uncle Dwight, Aunt Carmen and Cousin Axel -- also known as the East Albuquerque Annex of the Smith Clan.

It should be fun. I just hope our muscular little man doesn't scare the sharks.

Today's picture I call, "Dexie clean and shorn":

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