Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Real big with the Amish

Capt. Quinn and Mommy are back from their trip to Pittsburgh, and the results are in.

Quinn's a hit with the horse-and-buggy crowd.

Yes, our little hero was a tiny celebrity with the nice Amish folk that live near Grandma and Grandpa Smith. The rest of Mommy's family and friends also rated him "four stars" in unofficial polling.

Even little Emma -- she who belongs to Aunt Penny -- found Quinn exciting. She also apparently thought he was a girl. But that happens sometimes. Right?

The wee captain also proved to be a decent traveler. But the real rewards go to Mommy for enduring the challenge.

Here's a few of Quinn's Greatest Hits from Pennsylvania

Hangin' with Great-grandpa Crissman:

Hangin' with Great-grandma Crissman:

Hangin' with his hand:

Hangin' in the sink:

Hangin' curveball:

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