Sunday, April 29, 2007

It must be the shirts

Sorry Aunt Tory. I know the shirts you sent Cap'n Quinn are nice. And I know he loves them -- especially the one that says "#1 Minnesota Twins Fan."

Except there's a problem. They make him puke.

Well, at least two out of the four he's worn so far. And there's still one that says "Oh poop" that he hasn't tried yet. That'll make it come out the other end, I suppose. Which is more natural.

Ok, I'll confess. It has nothing to do with Aunt Tory's shirts. They're lovely.

Daddy is the bad guy here. Joined by the over-abundance of carrots and peaches that he fed our our little man the past two days. Apparently Daddy figures the good Cap'n has the same appetite he does. Except he doesn't. Which is why Daddy spent his Saturday night cleaning up an newly-orange chez lounge chair.

Otherwise it's been a good week for Cap'n Quinn. He seems to be over his big bad ear infections. And he was great entertainment for Daddy, as can be seen in the picture above, when he got sick with a big bad cold.

And today we took Dexie the Wonderdog on a nice long walk.

Right before he puked.

To put it all right for Aunt Tory -- one of Daddy's dearest college friends -- here's a collection of pictures featuring our little hero in several of her wonderful shirts:

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