Sunday, April 01, 2007

We've got a fever

Someday even Cap'n Quinn might feel the fever that is running through Daddy's veins so strongly that he tried to put a man-sized hat on a baby-sized head.

It was, at least, one of Daddy's Minnesota Twins ballcaps. Which should explain which kind of fever we're referring to -- the baseball fever.

You can see by the wee captain's picture to the right that he shares Daddy's excitement over the Twins this season. The World's Greatest Sports Franchise in History, as the team is referred to in the Siemers household, may struggle in a increasingly tough American League Central Division, but Cap'n Quinn and Daddy are hopeful that Joe Mauer, Justin Morneau and Michael Cuddyer can make it to the World Series.

After all, what a great 11.5 month birthday present than to send our mighty hero a world championship?

There are still a few questions coming into the season: 1) Will any of the veteran free-agent pitchers prove to be smart signings? 2) How soon will the Twins need to call prospects Matt Garza and Alexi Casilla from AAA Rochester? 3) Can Quinn get any cuter?

I can answer #3 with a definitive, "Yes."

Mommy took the wee smiling one to a local Sears for another round of snapshots this week. Naturally, the results were astounding. He's a little showman already.

We'll leave you with a sampling which we'll call, "The cutest baby on the planet." :

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