Friday, September 28, 2007


... watch that baby crawling. Rawhide!!!!!

Know what song I'm talking about? Quinn has now fulfilled Daddy's dream and is a crawling MANIAC! From scooting around in his own "Quinn crawl" to a full-out crawl on hands and knees in days.....days!

How do they learn this? Mommy was not too concerned that the good Cap'n had not mastered this yet. We were fine in our little "non-motivated" world. Now it's all topsy-turvy at Casa Siemers. Mommy actually has to watch the little one because he moves!

He has gotten a nice hand-wash in the dog bowl. I'm sure Dexie may have some competition when it comes to eating her food now too. Dog toys are no longer safe where they lay. Mommy's garbage-ridden coffee table will have to be "baby-proofed" and the slate wiped clean. Why DO they want everything they shouldn't have, with a host full of toys at their fingertips? No, Cap'n Quinn has to have that nail polish that Mommy forgot was under the table, or the plethora of papers to be found stuffed in every cubby hole. Mommy will soon realize just how much "stuff" she has.

Quinn is also getting more teeth! 5 going on 6 is the last count. I'm sure we'll miss one here or there. It's not easy to get an almost 11-month old to open up and say "ahhh!"

Since we've been slow on the blogging these days, here's a few videos to make up for it:

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