Saturday, August 02, 2008

High and tight

Mark your calendars historians. Today was the day when Cap'n Quinn Garrison Siemers went from cute to handsome.

With an assist from Elmo, Quinn took a seat in the cockpit of a mini fighter jet, oblivious to the aesthetic reformation happening above his years. At that moment, a pair of scissors were relegating his golden curls to souvenir status, a few satiny threads tucked in an envelope before Mommy gives them a final resting place in a scrapbook.

Quinn's first haircut came off without a hitch. While his eyes were fixated on an Elmo DVD, the talented and patient stylist went to work, stealthily trimming away his hipster do into what she called "the little boy cut."

A first haircut is hardly a seminal moment for the person getting shorn. Quinn cared more about the roomful of toys and the plastic riding horse. But it's a landmark for parents, a historic notch in the passage of time of the lovable little creature they created. We stand there, cameras at the ready, to document those moments for posterity, because we know our little ones won't remember it otherwise.

Another set of parents were two stalls over, watching over their little brown-haired boy in a miniature Jeep, also sitting motionless, also captivated by Elmo. Like us, they had a camera, they oohed, they ahhed.

Like us, they were watching just another notch in the belt of history. More are to come, maybe even tomorrow. Probably tomorrow. And we'll be there, ready to preserve and record it as official historians, an artifact in the life history of Quinn Garrison Siemers.

Just like those locks. They'll be in a scrapbook, perhaps filed under "c" for cute.

Riding in the airplane.

Watch where you put that comb!

"Daddy, how about we give that beard a trim?"

Riding the horsey.

And, for a bit of comedy:

"Oh no, what did we just do?"

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