Saturday, February 10, 2007

`Valentimes Day'

Cap'n Quinn and Daddy today are on an mission: buy Mommy a Valentimes Day gift.

(We know it's actually Valentine's Day. Spelling it wrong just feels funny. Good funny.)

We're thinking something like ... a new car ... a sports franchise ... a record contract ... two weeks all expenses paid to Tahiti ... or something in the $30 range. Mommy's worth it all, plus what Daddy can afford. Quinn's been saving dimes, but I told him that's for college. He's got to save his dimes. Daddy'll float him a loan.

We've had a busy week. Quinn saw a surgeon, who said the thing he might have to have fixed might not have to be fixed, which is good since we really didn't want to have to fix it.

We've switched our little hero to a soy diet. He seems to eat it better and we get the bonus of having a baby that smells like "potato flakes," as Mommy says.

Grandma Smith arrives today for a few more days. Quinn likes hanging out with his Grammies. Plus, Grandma Smith said she'll watch the little dude while Daddy takes Mommy to see her favorite American Idol star -- the bald guy from last season -- on Valentimes Day.

It should be fun. Fun like eating potato flakes on Valentimes Day.

Since Daddy's been lax on the bloggin', here's a collection of pictures and a video to make up for lost time:

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