Monday, February 19, 2007

Mommy's going to post one

Last week, our big boy turned the big 3 -- 3 months, that is. He is still fitting into his newborn outfit and we think he may get one more month out of it.

Our little man is changing everyday sometimes for the good and sometimes a little for the bad. Like waking up several times a night again, making Mommy and Daddy zombies. His newest thing is "singing" for us. It seems he has found his voice, and we think he will be the next American Idol Season 23. Think it will still be on??? He even woke up at 4:45 am, singing Monday morning. Hard to be mad when he's talking to himself and not crying himself awake.

Quinn loves to look at himself in the mirror and will spend a lot of his playtime talking to himself and making us laugh. He's making many changes and we are loving them all, even the getting up 20 times at night. We both know that someday we'll have to drag him out of bed, and no longer will he let us plant 20,000 smooches on his head.

Here are some more of Quinn's 3 month photo shoot and other pictures:

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