Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Playmat Pooper

We at the west coast Siemers annex call it the playmat poop. What is this "playmat poop" you say? It seems whenever our little hero is feeling the need, he'll be on his playmat, throw his legs in the air and the grunts ensue.

He thinks he's fooling mommy & daddy, but the eau de poo poo that lingers in the air moments later doesn't fool anyone. It took us a few days to figure out this was Cap'n Quinn's new routine. Daddy realized it first, and then mommy started thinking herself...hmmmm...I think you're right daddy. As far as the basics of what baby does, pooping has never been one of Quinn's top three. It seems we are always trying to coax it out of him by trying a little juice here, a little karo syrup there. So it seems the karo and the playmat are Quinn's Metamucil.

So folks next time you just can't get it going, don't reach for the fiber, try laying on the floor and kicking your legs in the air.


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