Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Finally upright

Mommy and Daddy have waited a while for this one. Finally, the good Cap'n Quinn can sit up all by himself.

It was such a momentous achievement that Mommy almost cried. For one, this means the beginning of the end of not having to hold him all the time. But more importantly, it means our little hero is growing up -- and fast.

Now, Quinn likes to sit on his blanket on the floor and play with the new set of stackable cups that Grandma Smith brought him. He also wants to grab Dexie's ball, though Daddy doesn't want the doggie's slobber all over his hands.

While that was the good news, we did have some bad news this week. Our wee Cap'n Quinn is likely going to need tubes put in his ears. The Good Doctor Good told us that it's not typical for a little boy Quinn's age to have tubes put in, but it sure beats hearing loss -- which could be the alternative if he continues to get ear infections.

But, as usual, our little fella soldiers on with a smile and a laugh. The world is his oyster. And now he can sit up and enjoy it.

To commemorate the moment, here's a video:

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