Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Two miles high

You might be surprised to know that our little hero reached new heights this week, as in two-miles high kind of heights, climbing a mountain high, up where eagles soar kinds of high.

Of course, it came with the assistance of the world's largest tram, which carried our little hero, Mommy, Grandma Smith and Cousin Amanda up to the top of the Sandia Mountains Tuesday.

Still, let's not pour cold water on this achievement. He was mostly fuss-free as he ascended these new heights, fighting off the continuing evil-doers that are his new teeth and an infected ear.

And yet, he was also able to muster the powers of his eternal cuteness in front of a camera when Mommy had new pictures taken (like to the one to the right) of him posing in clothes supporting some of Daddy's favorite sports teams.

It was a pleasant first Father's Day present for Daddy, who recognizes that he gets a Father's Day gift every day when he gets home and see his best buddy's excitable smile each afternoon.

The good Cap'n Quinn is finding new ways to show off his personality. The other day, Daddy give him a little raspberry on his neck, eliciting a belly laugh. Daddy then turned his head. And the next thing he knew, Quinn was trying to give him a raspberry right back.

He's a funny guy. That's something we shouldn't be surprised by.

Here's a few pictures from Quinn's photo shoot this week, and a few more just for fun:

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