Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Just right

Our little cowboy has an enemy. And his name is Luke.

Luke isn't a cool character. He's not a hot shot. He's somewhere in between. And that confounds the good Cap'n Quinn, our little buckaroo.

Yes, Mommy and Daddy have yet to help Quinn tame this rival, the dastardly villain named Luke Warm.

As his eternal fussiness joined Mommy and Daddy for a little Daddy's Day brunch, his meal of choice (soy formula; shaken, not stirred) just wasn't the right temperature, even after Daddy held it under the steaming tap water in the restaurant's big boy room.

It was still too cold as the good Cap'n took Daddy to the mall to shop for new shoes. Luke Warm angered our little hero so much, the whole mall could hear his curses.

Finally, Daddy took the little man home to get out the big guns. Luke Warm didn't last 10 seconds in the microwave, and Cap'n Quinn won the day.

Sure, Quinn's particular. You could even say picky, though Daddy likes to think of him as a formula connoisseur. Would any sophisticated adult, after all, consume a white wine that hadn't been chilled?

At least our little hero was kind enough to take Daddy out for his first Daddy's Day. And Daddy sure enjoyed it, along with the gift card to buy more music to put in that little black box that plays all of his favorite soccer radio shows.

Three times already this week Quinn has taken Mommy swimming at the pool. It's more than 100 degrees outside, after all. He probably figured Mommy needed to cool off.

And yesterday, he was kind enough to escort Grandma Smith and Cousin Amanda (the birthday girl) to hike at a place called Tent Rocks. After that, he gave them a tour of Santa Fe.

So he may be picky. But at least he's thoughtful.

Here's a few pictures and videos from Quinn's busy week:

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