Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Mr. Photogenic

Mommy got a new camera, which means a certain little someone had to pose for a lot of pictures over the past week.

No, not Daddy. Nobody wants to see his balding pate.

Cap'n Quinn has been something of a model this week as Mommy got the kinks worked out of her new gadget. And he does it well, as you can see from the gazillion photos down below.

Quinn does something else well now, too: fall asleep on his own. For this we thank our new favorite daycare provider, the wondrous Miss Beth. She has proven to Mommy and Daddy that it is not necessary to rock and bounce and sing (and bore) our wee little hero to sleep. He does it just fine on his own, and with the help of a plastic aquarium that plays lullabyes.

And the help of a few baby blankets.

OK, basically anything but us.

But that's fine, because we'd rather it be a hands-off operation. That way we can eat dessert, kick up our feet, type a blog, etc.

Quinn also got to experience his second different babysitter last night as Mommy and Daddy went out to the movies. He was fussy and sad and cried as we left, which is no fault of the babysitters (she did great). Still, Mommy and Daddy kept looking at their phones during the movie to see if there were any messages.

In the end, we got through the evening. And today, Quinn woke up to pose for more pictures:

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Evan's so called life said...

What a cutie. I can't believe how big he is!