Monday, August 20, 2007

Sad Mommy

Never thought I would be sad that the good baby Quinn can put himself to sleep now. The dreaded half hour rock a bye baby routine was tiring, as our little man isn't the slightest of babies. I wished for the day I could just lay him down and walk out of his room. "night night baby" Now that the day has come, I'm torn up about it. My little man no longer wants his momma to hold him and sing to him, not even for a minute. I try, I try my hardest, but he just writhes around until mommy or daddy lays him down and says, "night night baby". What will I do when he no longer wants smooches? I think I will have to stay in bed that day. Someone told me that won't happen until he's about 18, we'll see.

Daddy went today to finally have his boo-boo looked at. The "dr", I'm quite suspect he was a doctor, gave him a big space boot to wear. Someone wasn't too happy about that, and he whined all afternoon about it.

It seems mommy and daddy both have something to whine about today.

Quinn is also getting his 2 front teeth, maybe they will be here by Christmas. They are making their way, and he's not too happy about it sometimes, but that's what drugs are for, right?

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