Thursday, August 30, 2007

New Teeth and New Tricks

This week the wee Cap'n is working on some new teeth and has perfected a new trick with Grandpa Smith -- waving.

The not-so-little man began waving a few weeks ago, but only to himself. Now it seems he's gotten the hang of waving "bye, bye" to us. Actually it seems he waves to everything now, the dog, the toys, strange-but-nice ladies at the supermarket. I've yet to get this on video. He's got the hang of ignoring Mommy when the camera is in hand.

On to the teeth. One top front tooth has poked it's little head through and the second is to follow shortly. Quinn has been running a fever with the little buggers, but he's still a happy guy.

Grandma & Grandpa Smith made a trip to visit everybody. Grandma, as usual, tried to feed Quinn everything! He had his first popsicle, courtesy of Grandma. He enjoyed them immensely and I think the same can be said for them.

Quinn has also started to sit up in his crib on his own. He's pretty stealthy at it, I've yet to catch him doing it, but mama always has to go and lay him down again. I hear standing is the next phase. So not looking forward to that.

While Daddy had some bad news at work, our wee little hero has a way of making him smile when he gets home.

Good thing he's got some new teeth to show off.

Mommy had some more fun with her camera, orchestrating a photo shoot while Cap'n Quinn dined on a teething biscuit. Here are some of the results, as well as a couple other pictures:

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